Are Your Easter Lilies Poisoning This California Town?

A spray rig applies the carcinogenic fungicide chlorothalonil onto Easter lily fields adjacent to Smith River Elementary School (buildings in the background). On this day wind speeds were clocked at 30 mph. Photo by Greg King This article originally appeared at

By Dean Kuipers, March 25, 2016

Evidence mounts that the intense pesticide use […]

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Honey Stinger

This article was originally posted in Outside Magazine. By Dean Kuipers, November 26, 2012. The FBI used an 18-year-old woman called "Anna" to infiltrate an alleged eco-terrorism cell. Did she stop a bomb plot before it came off? Or did she launch one?

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Shepherding the Sea: Dr. Reese Halter

Conservation biologist Reese Halter, whom you might know from YouTube or MSNBC or the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, writes books that revel in the wonder of nature. But in his newest book, Shepherding the Sea: The Race to Save Our Oceans, Dr. Halter has gone past wonder to take the offensive, arguing vociferously that a collapse of ocean ecology threatens all life on Earth.

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“Operation Bite Back” major reviews

The new review on the Christian Science Monitor site reminds me that I haven’t put up the other terrific reviews of the book posted by other sites. I’m proud of what’s been said about the book thus far.  Oh, yes, there’s a long, drawn-out screed about the book posted on Amazon by Teresa Platt, executive […]

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