Are Your Easter Lilies Poisoning This California Town?

A spray rig applies the carcinogenic fungicide chlorothalonil onto Easter lily fields adjacent to Smith River Elementary School (buildings in the background). On this day wind speeds were clocked at 30 mph. Photo by Greg King This article originally appeared at

By Dean Kuipers, March 25, 2016

Evidence mounts that the intense pesticide use […]

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The Tracks of the Coyote

Rod Coronado photographed at FCI Tucson in October 1994 by Max Aguilera-Hellweg. This article originally appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine.

By Dean Kuipers, June 1, 1995

Rod Coronado’s radical campaign to destroy America’s fur farm industry.

After the the Animal Liberation Front firebombed a university research lab, federal authorities accused a young American Indian of ecoterrorism. Rodney […]

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